Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church, Savannah Georgia

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Current Weather Conditions Here at the Church as of 08/22/14, 9:42a

Current Conditions
88.1 F
80.0 F
W at 0.0 mph
10 Min Ave Wind
0.0 mph
30.052 in
Barometer Tendency
Rising Slowly
Today's Rain
0.00 in
Today's Rain
0.00 in
Current Rain Rate
0.00 in
Max Rain Rate
0.00 in at ----
Rain This Month
10.61 in
Yearly Rain
39.22 in
Wind Chill
88.1 F
Heat Index
103.0 F
Highs and Lows

High Temperature

Low Temperature

88.1 F   at   9:43a

77.3 F  at    7:26a

High Humidity

Low Humidity

91%    at  12:45a

77%   at   9:42a

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

81.0 F   at  12:00a

74.0 F  at   7:00a

High Wind Speed

2.0 mph   at  12:02a

Low Wind Chill

77.0 F   at   7:15a

High Heat Index

103.0 F   at   9:43a

Sunrise 6:54a

Sunset 8:01p


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