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Sermon Notes

June 18, 2017
2nd Sunday after Pentecost

Every week, Dwight Campbell writes a commentary on Billy's sermon to use as a discussion tool for the Men's Group that meets each Thursday. They meet on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. however, the group is on a summer break and will return late September.

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Sunday's Sermon Reflections, July 2, 2017
"Horseshoe Crab Theology"

Billy opens Sunday's sermon, Horseshoe Crab Theology, expressing concern on how easy it is to feel depressed and defensive with all that is going on in our world. Our faith becomes paralyzed and it is hard to see the miracles and wondrous possibilities around us. He quotes a Jewish prayer which asks God to help us see, wherever we gaze, the bush that burns unconsumed. Billy then asks us to take time this summer to enjoy the wonders of creation and the awesomeness of God that is around us always. Spend time in nature, spend time at the beach and as you do, take time to see the "bush burn unconsumed". It's there! The real issue, and the issue that we should focus on is why we cannot see it? What blocks this spiritual sight?

Later in the sermon, Billy talks about how the "force" of the ego, the conditioned self, gets in the way. We compete with each other, we build walls, we destroy relationships because we are right! We believe our thoughts and we become the emotions they engender, why? Knowing this, who was Paul addressing in his letter to the Philippians when he asked the audience to have compassion, show love and solidarity and do nothing out of selfish ambition and conceit? He then said, do everything in humility and regard others as better than yourself! Was this not the path that Jesus demonstrated? And if you agree it was, then why would he show us this? In the world of force that he lived in, why would he choose the "power" of love to transcend it? I believe it is this concept, with the way expressed by Paul, that will lead the evolution of our consciousness that our hurting world needs so much right now, but that is the gospel according to Dwight, so let's get back to the sermon.

Billy then moves to how the horseshoe crab, being around for 450 million years has within its blue blood a mysterious wonder that can coagulate around a bacteria as small as one in one trillion! This blood is used to make IV's safe for millions of humans. It also manages to lose enough eggs on the beach to feed the Red Knot birds who land on the shores of the eastern seaboard during their 10,000 mile migration from the Arctic to South America. They follow an ancient synchronicity spawned by the universal consciousness to "serve others to the point of self sacrifice."

Billy then ends his sermon with the following: " ...a crab, a clown and a christ. What an amazing trinity these three "c's" make. Follow their examples to change the world through humility, compassion and service. It's the only way."

Fellow Asburians: With the summer break upon us, this will be my last summary until the fall. Love and Blessings,

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