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Selections from our Worship Service

July 22, 2018
9th Sunday after Pentecost

1st Annual Women's Dessert Contest

The women of the church present their desserts.
Wendy Mason-Lemon Bar Cheesecake
Kathy Hodges -Special Chocolate
Pattie Lewis-Oreo Brownie Lush
Sherry Gidden-Apple Cake without nuts
Janie Atkinson-Chocolate Cake Rolls
Chris Beaver-Banana Split Cake
Betty Haldeman-Betty's Brownies
Cynthia Harod-Blueberry Nut Crunch
Carol Klein-Lemon Sable Cookies
Linda Aiken-Chocolate Éclair Dessert
Dottie Klutz-Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Homemade Chocolate Sauce
Linda Combs-German Chocolate Cup Caked
Rhonda Reed-Rhubar Pie
Claire Knight-Pound Cake

Best presentation
1st- Kathy Hodges
2nd- Janie Atkinson
3rd- Wendy Mason

Most Original
1st- Janie Atkinson
2nd- Linda Combs
3rd- Wendy Mason

Best Tasting
1st- Wendy Mason
2nd- Chris Beaver
3rd- Kathy Hodges

Organizer: Ray Ellis
Nick Deffley
Bill Anderson
John Mason
Joe Driggers

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