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Sermon Notes

November 26, 2017
25th Sunday after Pentecost

Fellow Asburians: The Men's Group will meet this Thursday, November 29, 2017, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in the Youth Room upstairs at Asbury Memorial.

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Billy introduces and depicts Sundays scripture, Matthew 25:31-46, with a story about a "Pixie with a Purpose", Emma Dowell whose life as a Salvation Army soldier in Savannah touched the "least of these" many times over. Billy then moves into talking about what Matthew was saying, and also speaks very clearly about what Matthew was "not" saying. In Billy's view, Matthew is asking us to do the will of God: to love one another and with that love in your heart and mind, to accept the grace and forgiveness of God and live life eternal here on earth, now!!

As our inward journey continues, what can we learn from the sermon that will help us move towards experiencing the love of God in our daily lives. Part of the answer lies in our actions, along the lines of Matthew's Gospel. However, as Billy reminds us, sometimes we miss the mark. Our ego takes control and our actions and thoughts become very self oriented. We betray that within ourselves that seeks to do the "right" thing and we slide down the slippery slope of self betrayal.

Somewhere in mid-recovery, as I was trying to figure out why my life was so difficult, I learned the concept of self-betrayal from a fascinating book called "The Anatomy of Peace". I believe within us, at some level, we know what is the "right" action to take in a situation. If we move in another direction, ie: the act of self-betrayal, we start down the slippery slope of justifying what we have done, to ourselves and others, and we leave love behind, sometimes far behind. As I have learned to discern among my inner voices and which one to believe, my actions have become more aligned with what I perceive as "right"l for me. As Billy says in his sermon, I am literally being saved and am blessed emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Billy ends his sermon with a poem by Edwin Markham, one of America's great poets, named "Conrad". Interpreting what his dream meant, Conrad knew that Jesus would visit him that day. Although not what he expected, Conrad helped a beggar, an elderly woman and a lost child and in helping "the least of these" the spirit of love, or Jesus, was in his home three times that day.

Conrad did not betray himself, will you?

Love and Blessings,

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