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Selections from our Worship Service

September 16, 2018
17th Sunday after Pentecost

The Entire Worship Service Experience

The entire worship service experience for Sunday, September 16, 2018. Billy's sermon was "Doers of the Word" ... we need to be active Christians both in present moments by helping others and proactive in protecting the earth. The choir followed with the Mark Miller anthem: "What Does the Lord Require of You?", Iris Dayoub read an Ann Weems poem: "God's Holy People and Rev. Grady Mills lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People along with the congregational reciting our Mission Statement: Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church is a place where all people, individually and collectively, develop their spirituality, use their talents, and grow in faith as we become a living example of people who love, serve, and celebrate God, each other, and our community.

Rev. Billy Hester

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