Map to our Church

From Downtown Savannah:
Navigate southward to Anderson Street, which is one way going east. Turn left (east) and travel about 1 mile to Waters avenue. From there turn left and go one block to Henry Street. Parking is on the left, behind the church with the entrance off Waters avenue.

From the South Side of Savannah:
Navigate northward (toward downtown) on Abercorn to Anderson then turn Right. Follow Anderson (one way east) to Waters avenue then turn left and travel one block to Henry street. Church parking is on the left behind the church.
Navigate to the Truman Parkway and travel northward. Exit off at BEE Road / Anderson / Henry Streets exit. Turn left on Henry street and travel less than a half mile to Waters. Church parking is off Waters just behind the church building.

From West Side of the county:
Navigate to I-16 and exit at Gwinnett Street and turn right (west) and travel to Martin Luther King Blvd and turn left (south) then travel about a quarter mile to Anderson and follow Anderson to Waters. Turn left and travel one block to Henry street.

From the Islands Choose either the Islands expressway or U.S. 80 and travel to Skidaway road. If U.S. 80 (Victory Drive), turn right on Skidaway to Henry street. Turn west (toward downtown Savannah) and travel about a half mile to Waters. If on the Island's expressway (President Street extension) turn left on Goebel street and travel to Skidaway road then turn onto Henry street.

Join us at 11:15 AM for a unique Sunday worship experience that will make a profound difference in your life!

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