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All people have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Unemployment, underemployment and relative isolation has conspired to put people who were managing their health, their work life and their personal finances under new strains. Most certainly our mental health and wellness has been challenged. Changes in sleep, eating and anxiety are all indications that our brains are struggling with processing all that is going on around and within us. The congregation of Asbury Memorial is united in their mission to care for one another in community and offer these resources as a visible sign and offering of the love and care that we have for one another.

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This is a time when it is easy to make mistakes that can have long lasting consequences to our financial welfare. Look at these resources for tips for all households on steps to take in financially uncertain times, financial counseling and coaching, including consumer credit, student loans, mortgage deferment, financial disaster budgeting, building and maintaining credit, help applying for federal assistance programs, and help for small business startups.


Give us today our daily bread
--Matthew 6:11

We all need to eat. It is essential to our life and our well being. Before the pandemic over 11 million children lived in homes where there is not enough food for all the members of the household. It is estimated by the end of the year that this number will increase to 18 million children.


During a pandemic, health is foremost on our minds. Check out these resources for uptodate CoronaVirus information and related wellness information.


We all have brains and our mental health has been taxed by the many strains of this pandemic. Please be aware that all of us are struggling to different degrees with the stressors associated with Covid-19. There are resources and resiliency practices that can help.


This section of resources is geared toward meeting the specific needs of children, parents and elders in the community who have special considerations and needs during this time of isolation and hardship.


Additional Resources Coming Soon!