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Segments from our Service

October 12, 2014
God on Broadway
"Little Shop of Horrors"
Music written by Alan Menken
Words by Howard Asman
Musical arrangement by Jay Althouse

Pictures from the Service

Little Shop
Skid Row

Song: "Somewhere That's Green"
Audrey (Cheri Hester)

Sermon (Video Version): "What are You Feeding?"
Rev. Billy Hester

Sermon (Audio Only version): "What are You Feeding?"
Rev. Billy Hester
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Offertory: "Suddenly Seymour"
Seymour (Robert Bush)
Audrey (Cheri Hester)

Reprise: "Little Shop"


Rev. Billy Hester
Rev. Jan Durham

Audrey: Cheri Hester
Seymour: Robert Bush
Gravis Mushnik: Ray Ellis
Do Whop Girls:
Sharon Page
Jamie Kelso
Lauri Fahey
Tv Producer
Shane Collens
Town Wino: Will Telljohann

Piano:Ray Ellis/Kay Deffley
Keyboard: Randy Canady
Organ: Kay Deffley
Guitar: Doug Povie

Set: Linda Combs

Video Photographer: Sam Durham / Pat Prokop
Still Photographer: Richard Burkhart
Audio: Les Sears
Lighting: Barry Parker

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop
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