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Segments from our Service

       October 20, 2013
God on Broadway: BARNUM
22nd Sunday after Pentecost

Picture Gallery from the Sunday Worship service

The Opening with P.T. Barnum
and Circus Peformers

The Announcements
P.T. Barnum & Friends

"Bigger isn't Better"
General Tom Thumb

"I Like Your Style"
Charity & P.T. Barnum

"Ther's a Hole in My Heart"
Creative Kids

"The Hand of God on a Park Bench"
Circus Clowns

"Faith, Hope, & Charity"
Rev. Billy Hester

Audio only version (Great for MP3 Players)
"Faith, Hope, & Charity"
Rev. Billy Hester

"So Little Time"
Rev.Billy Hester

"One Brick at a Time"
Charity and the Company
Benediction with Rev. Hester


Ministers: Rev. Billy Hester
Jan Durham
Piano:Kay Deffley/Sanford Jones/Danny Beam
Organ: Kay Deffley
Keyboard: Randy Canady
Drums: Billy Hester
Sets: Linda Combs

P.T. Barnum: Billy Hester
Charity: Barbara Gooby
Clown 1: Tim Ethridge
Clown 2: Lawrence Hyde

Video Photographer: Debora Hargroves
Still Photographer: Richard Burkhart
Audio: Les Sears
Lighting:Barry Parker

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop
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