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Segments from our Service

October 19, 2014
God on Broadway
"The Fantasticks"
Music by Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics by Tom Jones

Pictures from the Service

"Try To Remember"

Duet: "Never Say No"

Offertory: "This Plum is Too Ripe"

Dedication & Blessing of the new Lift
Scripture Reading by Sanford Jones

Sermon (Video Version): "A Way to Live Happily Ever After"
Rev. Billy Hester

Sermon (Audio Only version): "A Way to Live Happily Ever After"
Rev. Billy Hester
Great for MP3 Players and Ipods

Reprise: "Try to Remember"


Rev. Billy Hester
Rev. Grady Mills

Mel Whitehead as El Gallo
Cason Richter as Matt
Chris Bass as Hucklebee
Emily Ann Coleman as Luisa
Mary Kaitlyn McMahon as Luisa
Ray Ellis as Bellomy
Michael Edwards as the mute.

Piano: Kelli Horton
Keyboard: Randy Canady
Bass Fiddle: Doug Povie
Piano (hymns):Ray Ellis
Organ: Kay Deffley

Fantasticks Director: Richie Cook

Video Photographer: Pat Prokop
Still Photographer: Deborah Hargroves
Audio: Les Sears
Lighting: Barry Parker

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop
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