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Segments from our Service

       October 13, 2013
God on Broadway: SPAMALOT
21th Sunday after Pentecost

Picture Gallery from the Sunday Worship service

History 101
Monks Chant
Arthur's Song

"I'm All Alone"
King Arthur, Patsy, knights

"Find Your Grail"
King Arthur, Patsy, Lady of the Lake, knights, ladies

"Monty Python Goes to Church"
Rev. Billy Hester

Audio only version (Great for MP3 Players)
"Monty Python Goes to Church"
Rev. Billy Hester

"Knights of the Round Table"
King Arthur, Patsy, knights

Cheer for Arthur & Reprise
King Arthur, Patsy, knights, ladies


Ministers: Rev. Billy Hester
Jan Durham
Grady Mills
Piano:Kay Deffley
Organ: Kay Deffley
Keyboard: Randy Canady
Guitar: Doug Povie

Sets: Linda Combs
Costumes: Janet Wagner / Linda Combs

King Arthur: Danny Beam
Patsy: Tim Ethridge
Lady of the Lake: Jamie Kelso
Professor: Joe Steffen

Video Photographer: Bill Kelso
Still Photographer: Richard Burkhart
Audio: Jeff Meraz
Lighting:Elizabeth Jackson

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop
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