Segments from our Service

       October 8, 2017
18th Sunday after Pentecost
God on Broadway Worship Service of Carousel

Prelude: "The Carousel Waltz"
Asbury Memorial Choir and Youth Members

Announcements from Billy Bigelow & Friends

Song: "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Barbara Gooby (Nettie Fowler)

Song: "The Highest Judge of All"
Stephen Reed (Billy Bigelow)

Scripture Reading of II Corinthians 12:6-10
Greg Martin

Pre Sermon Announcements, Acknowledgements & Birthday Greetings

Sermon (Video Version)
"Healing Wounds & Overcoming Fears"
Rev. Billy Hester

Sermon (Audio Only version)
"Healing Wounds & Overcoming Fears"
Rev. Billy Hester

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Sermon Notes from Dwight Campbell

Poem: "The Man behind the Mask" in Tableau

Liturgical Dance: "If I Loved You"
Tim Ethridge

Reprise of "You'll Never Walk Alone" Asbury Memorial Choir

The Benediction Rev. Billy Hester
Cheri Hester

Pictures from the Worship Service
Taken by Deborah Staab & Richard Billig

Worship Service Bulletin


Rev. Billy Hester
Rev. Jeanette Purvis

Musicians ...
Organ: Kay Deffley
Piano: Ray Ellis / Kay Deffley
Keyboard: Randy Canady
Bass: Doug Povie
Cello: Sarah Povie

Sets Coordinator:
Linda Combs
Set Construction: Tim Steinhauser

Special Thanks to Dale and Pam Karatosas
for the Carousel Horses

Sound: Les Sears
Lights: Barry Parker

Video Photographer: Lawrence Staab
Still Photographers: Deborah Staab & Rich Billig

Video Editor: Patrick Prokop

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop
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