Segments from our Service

God on Broadway ... "Cats"
October 23, 2016
23rd Sunday after Pentecost

Worship Service Bulletin

"Jellicle Song for Jellicle Cats
The Gretchen Green Dancers

Announcements with Pongo and Freckles

"Old Deuteronomy"
The Jellicle Tribe

Song: "Memory"
Jemima and Grizabella

Sermon (Video Version)
"The Journey to the Heaviside Layer"
Rev. Billy Hester

Sermon (Audio Only version)
"The Journey to the Heaviside Layer"
Rev. Billy Hester

Great for MP3 Players and Ipods

"I Quietly Turn to You"
Jamie Kelso

Song: "The Ad-Dressing of Cats"
Old Deuteronomy and the Jellicle Cats

Pictures ... The Gretchen Greene Dancers

Pictures from the Worship Service


Rev. Billy Hester
Rev. Jan Durham
Piano:Ray Ellis / Kay Deffley
Organ: Kay Deffley
Keyboard: Randy Canady
Bass: Doug Povie
Percussion: Bill Kelso

Make-up and Hair Styling:
Melissa Gratias
Crystal Bell Davidian
Karen Jahn
Charles Ennis
Make-up Advisor:
Jenn Doubleday

Video Photographer: Lawrence Staab
Still Photographer: Deborah Hargroves
Audio: Stephen Butler
Lighting: Christian Focht
Assistant to Audio: Barry Parker

Linda Combs

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop
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