Segments from our Service

       October 9, 2011
God on Broadway: Damn Yankees

Pictures from the Service

Opening: "Goodbye Old Girl
National Anthem

(You Gotta Have) "Heart"
Pat Prokop & The Team

Song: "Whatever Lola Wants"
Cheri Hester & Kenny Hill

Song: "The Good Old Days"
Kenny Hill


Minister: Rev. Billy Hester

Piano:Kay Deffley
Organ: Ray Ellis
Keyboard: Randy Canady
percussion: Billy Hester

Video Photographer: Gwyn Yarbrough
Still Photographer: Deborah Hargroves & Sam Durham
Audio:Barri Marshall
Lighting: Gary Jackson

Old Joe: Greg Martin
Young Joe: Wendell Hester
Meg: Carol Melton
Applegate: Kenny Hill
Lola: Cheri Hester
Coach Van Buren: Pat Prokop
Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop
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