Special Announcement

Ruthie Deffley gives a Special Announcement on the upcoming Food and Body Image Workshop to be given by Chelsea Hester on Saturday, Aug 17

Special Music

Mr Nan Qin (from the Savannah VOICE Festival) sings "Sweet Hour of Prayer" leading into the "Prayers of the People". Piano played by Ray Ellis

Birthday Greetings

Greg Martin leads the congregation in giving Birthday Greetings to Miss Bertie Anderson and to Ian & Lucy Perry


Rabbi Robert Haas gives his sermon "The Glass is Actually 100% Full" as the 5th speaker of the Summer Preaching Services.

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Offertory Music

Ray Ellis introduces Nan Qin & Baihui Ding of the Savannah Voice Festival as he sings while she plays the piano from the aria "Pro Peccatis' from Rossini's "Stabat Mater". The translation of this song: "Through the darkness thou wilt lead me, in my trouble thou wilt heed me, and from danger set me free. Lord thy mercy shall restore me, and the dayspring shed before me, all salvation comes from thee."

The Benediction

Rabbi Robert Haas gives the Benediction with Cheri Hester 'Signing' to the congregation as they sing "Here I Am Lord"

The worship service bulletin

Rev. Claire Marich
Rabbi Robert Haas

Musicians ...
Organ: Kay Deffley
Piano: Ray Ellis / Kay Deffley
Keyboard: Randy Canady

Video Photographer: Patrick Prokop

Video and Light Technicians

Barry Parker
Stephen Swanger
Chris Kincade

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop

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