Special Announcement from Billy Hester

Kathy Hodges gives the announcements including information about the upcoming informational meetings for the church members concerning the future of Asbury Memorial as an affiliation to the United Methodist Church, the next new member class and the Wormen's desert contest. She then introduces the 'Summer Preaching Series' speaker, Rev. Lesley Brogan

Scripture Reading from Luke 10:25-37"

Scripture Reading from Luke 10:25-37, "The Good Samaritan" by Cheri Hester & Ray Ellis

Sermon: "Perhaps Today's Most Important Question"

Sermon: "Perhaps Today's Most Important Question" by Rev. Lesley Brogan. This is part 2 of the "Summer Preaching Series" at Asbury Memorial. Rev. Brogan's sermon is based on the Scripture from Luke 10:25-37; "The Good Samaritan".

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Offertory Music

Ray Ellis, Randy Canady, and Greg Martin sing "People Need the Lord", a song with words and music by Greg Nelson & Phil McHugh and arranged by Lloyd Larson. The piano was played by Kay Deffley, bass by Danny Beam.

The Benediction

Rev. Lesley Brogan gives the Benediction ... 'Love, Love, Love, Love, Love' This is followed by the congregational response of "Here I am Lord, signed by Cheri Hester as the congregation sings.

Men's Cake Baking Results

Cheri Hester announces the winners in the 3rd annual Men's Cake Baking Contest

The worship service bulletin

Rev. Lesley Brogan

Musicians ...
Organ: Kay Deffley
Piano: Ray Ellis / Kay Deffley
Keyboard: Randy Canady
Bass: Danny Beam

Video Photographer: Patrick Prokop

Video and Light Technicians

Barry Parker
Stephen Swanger

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop

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