Anthem: "Give Me Jesus"

The Asbury Memorial Church Choir sings the anthem "Give Me Jesus", an African-American spiritual arranged by Ralph Manuel. Directed by Ray Ellis. Kay Deffley played the piano

Pre Sermon Announcements & Greetings
Rev. Billy Hester gives several Pre Sermon Announcements including information about the informational gathering on Tue, June 11 at 6:30 pm ... The upcoming Musical Review / Auction fundraiser ...Movie Night "August Rush" on June 29 and a new event: Learning through the Sages.

Sermon:"When Jailbirds Sing"
Rev. Billy Hester gives his sermon "When Less is More", based on the scripture from Genesis 3:1-7 and Exodus 20:8-11. Is it proper to always say Yes?

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The Benediction

Rev. Billy Hester gives the benediction with Cheri Hester signing as the congregation sings "Here I Am Lord"

The worship service bulletin

Rev. Billy Hester
Rev. Bob Chvatal

Musicians ...
Organ: Kay Deffely
Piano: Ray Ellis / Kay Deffley
Keyboard: Randy Canady

Video Photographer: Patrick Prokop

Sound and Light Technicians

Barry Parker
Stephen Swanger Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop

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