Asbury Memorial Church worship service for March 8, 2020, 2nd Sunday in Lent

Information about Asbury Sages

Song from Man of La Mancha

Kathy Hodges gives information about the documentation of the wisdom from our 'Sages', those who are 80 and above and why the church is recording this great information for future generations

Joy Jars for Grayson

Joy Jars for Grayson

Brother Brantly along with Ruthie Deffley give information about 'Joy Jars' to help kids with cancer and other diseases to bring them some joy. This is to help his 4 year old brother Grayson who is currently undergoing treatment away from home.

Prayers of the People & Scripture Reading

Prayers of the People & Scripture Reading

Rev. Richard Allen leads the congregation in the Prayers of the People followed by Rhonda Reed reading the Scripture from John 5:1-9

Girl Scout Recognition

Girl Scout Recognition

Girl Scout Recognition with Carolyn Perry & Troop 30180. Carolyn explains the mission and activities of this troop and upcoming plans. Then they lead the congregation in giving the Girl Scout pledge; "On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law."

Rev. Billy Hester gives his sermon

Sermon: "Stirring the Water"

Rev. Billy Hester gives his sermon "Stirring the Water" based on scripture from John 5:1-19 ... 'The healing waters at the pool of Bethesda". The theme of the sermon is about us changing, not just waiting around for the waters to stir but to get up and act as if the metaphorical waters have already begun to stir.

Rev. Billy Hester gives his sermon

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Anthem: The Lord is My Strength title=

Anthem: "The Lord is My Strength"

The Asbury Memorial Choir sings "The Lord is My Strength" (Habakkuk's Prayer), an anthem written by Mark Patterson. The antem is based on the prayer found in the third chapter of Habakkuk. Directed by Ray Ellis. The piano was played by Kay Deffley

The worship service bulletin

Rev. Billy Hester
Rev. Richard Allen

Musicians ...
Organ: Kay Deffley
Piano: Ray Ellis/Kay Deffley

Video Photographer: Patrick Prokop

Sound and Light Technicians
Barry Parker
Philip Pinalt Mike Matheny

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop

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