The Announcements

Numerous announcements were given by Sandy McCloud, Ruthie Deffley, Gary Harmon, Carol Anderson and Susan Bolinger

Music of Meditation and Prayers for the People

Kay Deffley (Organ) & Ray Ellis (Piano) play music of meditation; "Be Thou My Vision" leading us into the Prayers of the People with Rev. Susan Karlson

Scripture Reading from Luke/b>

Ginger Miles read from Luke: 16:1-13 ... There was a Richman who had a manager ...


Rev. Billy Hester gives his sermon; "A Strange Parable about Money", based on the scripture from Luke 16:1-13 ... You cannot serve both God and money. He also makes reference to the ecology of the earth being sacrificed for the love of money and makes reference to the book "Soul of Money" by Lynne Twist. He leaves us with the quote: "There was a Richman ... and he had a Manager."

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The Asbury Memorial Church choir sings "Lift Up a Song to God", an anthem by James A. Stevens, words by J. Paul Williams. It was directed by Ray Ellis. The piano played by Kay Deffley.

The Benediction

Rev. Billy Hester gives the Benediction with Cheri Hester leading the congregational Response of "Here I Am Lord"

The worship service bulletin

Rev. Billy Hester
Rev. Susan Karlson

Musicians ...
Organ: Kay Deffley
Piano: Ray Ellis
Keyboard: Randy Canady
Bass: Dough Povie

Video Photographer: Patrick Prokop

Video and Light Technicians

Stephen Swanger
Barry Parker

Internet Editor: Patrick Prokop

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